Spurs boss Harry settles for Swanage

Redknapp lives in nearby Poole and joked that Swanage Town &

Herston, a Dorset Premier League outfit, would be the only club he

would be interested in. When asked about the prospect of managing

abroad or internationally, Redknapp said: “I’m going to manage

Swanage. That’s where I’ll finish, I’ve always said that. “My

wife’s been taking rowing lessons, she can row me over there for

training. Swanage is perfect for me, just over the water. “Tuesday

and Thursday nights, a bit of training with the boys, that’s where

I want to be.” Redknapp and Fulham boss Roy Hodgson, who clash this

weekend in the FA Cup quarter-final, have both been suggested as

possible candidates for high-profile jobs such as the 2012 Olympics

football team. Redknapp said: “There’s every chance that he

(Hodgson) should be, sure.” While Redknapp and Hodgson have taken

the FA Cup seriously this season, the Spurs boss cannot explain why

some managers field weakened teams in the competition. “I can’t

understand why people take it lightly,” he said. “I see managers

who are mid-table and suddenly they are putting out weakened teams.

What for? Surely we can all win the FA Cup. “Everyone’s in there

with a chance. We start the season and most clubs think they can

win two competitions – the League Cup or the FA Cup. They aren’t

going to win the championship. So why not have a go? “If you are

bottom of the league and struggling against relegation, I can

understand it. But when you are mid-table and people put weakened

teams out, I don’t understand it.”