Spurs, Bayer Leverkusen and Monaco have made Group E a beautiful hot mess

There isn't a mega-club in Group E of the Champions League so you would be forgiven if you hadn't paid it much attention. But if you like insanity and unpredictable drama, you probably should check out the final three days of the group stage because it's going to be a mess. A beautiful, thrilling mess.

At the halfway point of the group stage, Monaco are undefeated, but on just 5 points. They're definitely not running away WITH things. Tottenham Hotspur are just one point back and Bayer Leverkusen are trailing by two. And the difference between those teams? A total of one goal.

Look at that table! It's a mess. It's beautiful.

Not one of this group's first six matches was decided by more than a point. Four of the six matches were draws and the other two were 2-1 and 1-0 wins. That's it! In six matches, the overall total margin of victory is two!

That a group actually is this bunched together is shocking because nobody would expect that kind of parity, but it isn't surprising that it is close. There isn't a great team in this group, but there isn't a bad team either. They're all moderately successful and have a fair amount of money to spend, but aren't flush with cash and none of the top three have won their domestic leagues recently. It really is a bunch of good, not great teams, out here causing havoc.

And to think, the fourth place team in the group is CSKA Moscow. You know, the team that was drawn into the group from Pot 1 and, theoretically, should have been the favorite. And they're just two points out of second place so right there in the mix to advance. Group E is a damn trip.