Spanish federation bans Mourinho for 2 matches

The Spanish football federation banned Real Madrid coach Jose

Mourinho for two matches Friday for using inappropriate language to

address a referee during a match.

Mourinho was ejected during Madrid’s 5-1 win over Murcia on

Wednesday in the Copa del Rey after telling referee Jose Luis

Paradas Romero to ”go to hell.”

The federation said it sanctioned Mourinho ”for making

observations to the referee” and handed down the two-match ban

”for addressing a referee in disrespectful terms.” The federation

can ban a coach for up to a month for infringing regulations.

Mourinho will miss Sunday’s match against Sporting Gijon at the

El Molinon Stadium and the following match against Athletic Bilbao

at the Santiago Bernabeu on Nov. 20.

Unless Madrid successfully appeals the decision, the Portuguese

coach will return to the bench for the match against Barcelona at

the Camp Nou on Nov. 29.