Smith happy with young Saddlers

An 80th-minute goal – with outstanding Saddlers skipper Andy

Butler beating County stopper Bartosz Bialkowski from Ben Purkiss’

free-kick – was enough to give the visitors all three points.

Smith said: “They (County) are a very, very good team and played

much better than us first half. Second half we stepped it up and

tried to press further up the pitch and I thought we did a lot

better, when we won the ball in their half we kept the ball better

and looked dangerous.

“We were organised and made it hard for them to get in behind us

and in between us and kept the ball in front of us. It will

certainly give the lads confidence to come to a good side and come

out victors.”

There was some confusion over who got the winning goal after

Butler’s finish was made sure by substitute George Bowerman,

although the former was credited with the strike.

Smith added: “There’s an argument going on in the dressing room

at the moment – it looks touch and go but it looks like it might be

George Bowerman’s, but I think Andy will have something to say

about that as he said coming off the pitch that he always seems to

score here.”