Skrtel: Give Kenny a new deal

The Scot took charge of the club until the end of the season

following the sacking of Roy Hodgson but Skrtel believes he should

be handed the reins on a permanent basis. The Slovakian defender,

who was linked with a move out of Anfield after a run of poor form,

says he has never been happier since he arrived on Merseyside in

January 2008. “If he gets a contract for a long time, I’ll be very

happy,” Skrtel told LFC Weekly. “Every day he makes work

interesting and enjoyable. We are winning games now. You can tell

Kenny is a winner. “He knows how to take the pressure away and

protect the squad. A lot has changed at the club recently, but the

most important thing has been confidence. Kenny has given us that.

With confidence in football you can achieve great things.” On the

prospect of him leaving the Reds, he added: “Why would I go

anywhere else? I know I am at a huge club – one of the biggest in

the world, with a history and a set of supporters that no other

club can really match. “We have great players like Stevie Gerrard,

Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. Not everybody gets to experience

this. I am very proud to be here.”