Silva hails Mancini influence

Silva was slow to settle into the Premier League following his move

from Valencia 18 months ago, but found some sparkling form during

the second half of last season and has gone from strength to

strength at the start of the current campaign. He has been at the

heart of a blistering run that has seen City rise to the top of the

table at Christmas after scoring 53 goals in 17 league games. The

Spanish playmaker has been given free rein to demonstrate his

creativity and is thankful to Mancini for his approach to

management. “The manager plans all our matches with an offensive

vision and this is so positive for my style of game,” Silva said in

The Sun. “Mancini is not the habitual Italian coach who thinks only

about maintaining a lead. “I remember how he insisted that it is

better to win 3-2 than 1-0. Thanks to that philosophy I have

improved my game and I am grateful to him. “Actually, I am enjoying

my best ever moments as a professional.” Silva enjoys setting up

his team-mates after working hard over the past couple of years to

get to grips with English football. “My mission at City is clear –

to create goals for the forwards,” he explained. “Initially I had

doubts about adapting to English football and it wasn’t easy. “But

the key has been all the help from my team-mates and the confidence

of the coach. “From the first day, Mancini explained exactly what

he wanted and gave me plenty of scope to play. “The secret of my

success here is down to work, work and more work – both in training

sessions and matches.”