Shelvey relishing new season

Defeat at Aston Villa on Sunday meant the Reds closed with

successive losses to end their chances of securing a Europa League

spot – the first time they have not qualified for Europe since

1999. But Shelvey, whose involvement increased once Kenny Dalglish

took over from Roy Hodgson in January, reckons there are plenty of

reasons why they should be looking forward to the resumption of

action in August. “I believe next season will be a big one for

Liverpool,” said the 19-year-old. “I think with the way we were

ending the season, apart from our last two games, the fans have got

to be very optimistic about the future. “There is always big

expectation about Liverpool but we have got Dalglish in charge and

I’m confident about next season. “There is a buzz about the club

under Kenny and it shows in every game we play. “It’s just immense

for me to be working with someone like him. “We are disappointed we

didn’t qualify because playing in Europe is a great experience for

the young players and it’s also a great chance to prove yourself to

the manager. “I got the chance to play in the Europa League this

season and I enjoyed it. “I heard some supporters say they’d much

rather we weren’t in it because they want us to concentrate on the

league and I can see where they are coming from, but as a player

you just want to play as many games as you can.” Shelvey has

certainly exceeded expectations on that front, making his 21st

appearance of the season at Villa Park. Having joined from Charlton

last summer, he could not have anticipated seeing as much pitch

time as he has but he has enjoyed the experience. “To get the

opportunity to play for this club is the best thing that could

happen to me in my life,” he added. “I love the club to bits and

the words to describe the experience so far are unreal and a dream

come true.”