Serious rioting overshadows 141st Ruhr derby

Dortmund police say 180 arrests were made Saturday after serious

rioting before the 141st Ruhr derby between Borussia Dortmund and

Schalke left 11 people injured, including eight officers.

A majority of those detained were Schalke fans, though 17

Dortmund supporters were also charged with a variety offences

including assault and resisting police officers.

Police spokesman Michael Stein says the fans had the ”potential

for violence not seen for a long time. Their violent acts came to a

head particularly against the police, who were there to protect all

football fans attending the derby. We don’t accept it and don’t

want it in Dortmund.”

Around 1,200 officers were on hand for what German media has

described as the worst rioting in the area for years.