Clubs reject strike talks proposal

Serie A clubs unanimously rejected Tuesday a proposal to reopen talks with the Italian Players’ Association, raising the possibility once again of a strike.

Acting as a mediator, Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete proposed Monday to reopen talks on six issues, setting aside key clauses regarding transfers and out-of-contract players.

After a meeting of Serie A clubs, league president Maurizio Beretta called Abete’s proposal "unacceptable," saying the negotiations need to include all of the issues.

The two parties reached an agreement in September to avoid a strike declared for Sept. 24-25. But the players’ association warned that if a new contract was not settled by Nov. 30 the strike would go ahead.

The player’s association (AIC) said it would consider its response overnight.

"We already hold the mandate of all the (players) in Serie A and we will evaluate protest moves and an eventual suspension of the league for one round," said AIC secretary general Gianni Grazioli, according to the ANSA news agency.

Possible strike dates could be Nov. 20-21 or Nov. 27-28.