Irate commentator tells Sergio Aguero to ‘for the love of God, leave’ after Argentina loss


Argentina's Sergio Aguero found himself bearing most of the brunt after La Albiceleste lost a costly match to Paraguay in World Cup qualifying on Tuesday. The Manchester City striker came up empty again for Argentina, culminating in a painful miss from the penalty spot. The 1-0 loss, coupled with a 2-2 draw against Peru earlier in the week, sees Argentina sitting on the outside looking in when it comes to automatic qualifying spots for the 2018 World Cup.

Simply put, that's not where the 2014 World Cup runners-up expect to be, even if Lionel Messi has missed time with a groin injury. Without the usual scapegoat to go after, Aguero fell squarely into the crosshairs of the Argentina media. One pundit couldn't keep it together after Aguero's penalty flub and essentially called for Aguero's banishment from the team.

Loosely translated, the commentator says: “Enough, enough, enough, enough! Enough, Aguero, leave! Just leave, Aguero, for the love of God, leave!” Make no mistake, Argentina should have beaten Paraguay and Peru. Furthermore, Aguero has been a total stink-fest. To be fair, the City striker has acknowledged his shortcomings on the international stage. He said he's “not doing things right,” and it wouldn't be a surprise if he's omitted from the November qualifiers, via BeIN.

Is that really the most sensible course of action, though? Messi should be back by then, and Argentina should still manage to qualify for the next World Cup in Russia. When that tournament rolls around, it'd make sense to have Aguero in the squad, even if somehow he hasn't shaken his yips by then. If sending him into exile is the alternative, then some people, like the announcer above, should be careful what they wish for.