5th parcel bomb targeting Celtic found in Belfast

A parcel bomb destined for a Celtic supporter has been found in

Belfast, the fifth such device to target the Glasgow club and its

manager, Northern Ireland police said Tuesday.

Four other parcel bombs have been sent to manager Neil Lennon,

his lawyer and a Celtic-supporting Scottish politician. None


Announcing the latest bomb find, police said Tuesday it was

destined for an undisclosed Celtic supporter but not delivered

because its address was inaccurate.

They said the bomb was detected April 12 at a Belfast postal

facility that handles returned parcels from throughout the United


No group has claimed responsibility for the devices, but

authorities blame extremist supporters of rival Glasgow club

Rangers. Celtic has an Irish Catholic fan base, Rangers a British

Protestant one.

The first parcel bomb targeting Lennon, a Catholic from Northern

Ireland, was found on March 4 and a second was intercepted at a

sorting office outside Glasgow on March 26.

Another package destined for Celtic-supporting Scottish lawmaker

Trish Godman was intercepted at her constituency office two days

later. A fourth package destined for Paul McBride, a lawyer who has

represented Lennon, was intercepted last week.

The parcel bombs are the latest in a series of incidents

targeting Lennon and others connected with Celtic.

Packages containing bullets were sent earlier this year to

Lennon and to players Paddy McCourt and Niall McGinn, who are also

from Northern Ireland.

The 39-year-old Lennon has endured threats and abuse during his

soccer career – both as a player and a manager.

Lennon quit international soccer in 2002 after having made 39

appearances, saying he had received death threats from a

paramilitary group in Northern Ireland.