Schurrle close to Chelsea move

Bayer Leverkusen’s general manager Wolfgang Holzhauser has

revealed his suspicion that Andre Schurrle has already signed a

deal with Chelsea.

Leverkusen have reportedly received an offer for the Germany

international, but they are still busy hammering out the finer

details of a deal.

Striker Schurrle, 22, has so far refused to comment on the

speculation other than to express his disappointment that a move to

the Blues failed to materialise last summer.

He may be satisfied this summer, though, as Holzhauser hinted

that a deal could soon be struck.

“Andre Schurrle has probably signed a pre-contract deal with

Chelsea,” Holzhauser is quoted as saying by Kicker magazine.

“It all depends on whether we let him go. We have received a

concrete offer for a fee which we are considering.

“But the price alone is not decisive. We must also have

alternatives, which we don’t have yet.”

The one alternative Bayer are keen on is Chelsea midfielder

Kevin de Bruyne, who has caught the eye while playing on loan in

the Bundesliga for Werder Bremen this season.

However, dislodged Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund are

also understood to be interested in the Belgian, who could be the

key to Schurrle’s move to the Premier League.

“He still has a few talks to hold with Chelsea,” said


“It looks like there is an offer from Dortmund to sign the

player for a relatively high fee.

“According to our information, Chelsea don’t want to sell him

but just loan him out.”

However, Leverkusen have not yet spoken with De Bruyne to “find

out if he actually wants to come to us and, if so, on what