Scharner blasts ‘lazy’ Baggies

The Austrian feels that the squad has become complacent without the

threat of punishment for dressing room misdemeanours, including

lapses of punctuality and yellow or red cards. He admits that his

latest outburst is unlikely to go down well within a group that has

already branded him the ‘Moanivator’, but he feels something has to

be said. With the Baggies having slipped to within a point of the

Premier League drop zone, Scharner has warned that no-one at The

Hawthorns can afford to take a top-flight standing for granted. He

told the Birmingham Mail: “I think it was going well until the last

game before Christmas, against Aston Villa. We stopped the fines at

that point. “Since then we have got lazy and you can see it on the

pitch. “I have chosen to say this to the media because it will

maybe get some more attention. I haven’t told the manager. I am

30-years-old, 11 years a professional player and I think I know

what is needed. “I’m one of the oldest in the squad and I feel a

responsibility. My main focus is to wake up not only myself but the

whole team. “It’s been bad the last few weeks and I am hoping the

fines will return. I tried to bring them back on January 2 but it’s

difficult to set back up again because it can be an easier life to

not do so. “When I first came to the club I got called Moanivator.

“Now my question is do my colleagues want to get relegated with a

nice Paul Scharner or stay in the league and put up with the

‘Moanivator’? “I am very passionate about this because at the end

of the season it will say on my CV that I’ve either survived or

been relegated. “At the moment there is no relegation and I want to

keep that. My main focus and intention is to keep West Bromwich in

the Premier League. “I’ve made mistakes in the last few games and

it’s not good enough for me, or my levels. And now it’s time to

change this, get focused and fight for the team.”