Neymar backed by Santos for reportedly partying

Santos said reports that Neymar partied with prostitutes at the

team’s hotel show there is a conspiracy to try to make him leave

Brazilian football.

The Lance sports daily reported Wednesday that security cameras

captured Neymar and some teammates with prostitutes at the


Santos president Luis Alvaro Ribeiro did not confirm or deny

that his players had invited a group of women to their rooms after

a 2-1 victory over Gremio in the Brazilian league on Aug. 26.

However, Ribeiro accused ”some people” of trying to

”demonize” Neymar and turn the fans against him in a bid to

expedite his transfer to European football.

”They are trying to make Neymar look like a bad boy, something

he isn’t,” Ribeiro said. ”It seems there is a conspiracy to get

him to leave Brazilian football.”

Neymar ignored a huge offer from Chelsea in August to extend his

contract with Santos until 2015.

Ribeiro also criticized a recent story by English newspaper The

Sun, which said Neymar still wants to play for Chelsea. The

president said the comments are from before Santos rejected

Chelsea’s offer and only benefits those who want Neymar to


Ribeiro said that, within reason, his players are free to do

what they want after a match and dismissed any prospect of


Lance said the incident was the first of many that eventually

led to the dismissal of coach Dorival Junior from Santos last


The 18-year-old Neymar made headlines by criticizing Junior and

his teammates after the coach didn’t allow him to take a penalty in

a match on Sept. 15.

Neymar was fined by Santos and apologized for his behavior. But

the coach said that wasn’t not enough, requesting club directors

suspend the player indefinitely. The disagreement led to his

dismissal on Sept. 22.

The incident cost Neymar a spot in Brazil’s national team for

this week’s friendlies against Iran and Ukraine.