Samuel Eto’o says he’ll give fan €100k if club doesn’t finish in top 10

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Samuel Eto’s time at Turkish club Antalyaspor hasn’t gone very well. He’s scored plenty of goals, but the team has been terrible. At one point last season, Eto’o was even named interim player-manager after the firing of the team’s coach. And this season, Antalyaspor are dead last in the Super Lig.

Unsurprisingly, fans are upset with the club and when fans are upset with the club, they often take it out on the star player. That is Eto’o, but when one fan stepped up to Eto’o to complain, the striker responded in a way no one could have expected: he promised the team would finish in the top 10 this season and said he’d give the fan €100,000 if they didn’t.

"We will finish in the top 10 of the Super Lig. I stand by what I said and my promise," Eto’o told the fan, according to BMF. "Believe me, I will give you €100,000 if we don’t finish in the top 10."

It wasn’t just some throwaway line either. He reiterated, knowing full well that the press was there, and he got the fan’s contact information so he could get a hold of him after the season.

Antalyaspor have just three points from seven matches, but are only five points behind 10th place. It’s hardly impossible for them to make the leap and save Eto’o a cool 100 grand. But they better get to winning or Eto’o wallet will be a little lighter.