Samuel Eto’o has no time for his teammates slamming birthday cake in his face

Samuel Eto’o turned the ripe young age of 36 on Friday, but his party didn’t start off so great. Well, that depends on your definition of “start off.”

Eto’o seemed to be enjoying the cake his Antalyaspor teammates got him, for about a bite or two. Then it all went to hell as those very same teammates tore into the cake and smeared it all over Eto’o. When this kind of betrayal happens, there are only two possibilities that follow:

1. Eto’o laughs about it and returns fire, grabbing cake and getting sweet (heh!) revenge

2. Eto’o gets mad

Eto'o gets covered in cake

A not so happy birthday for Samuel Eto'o! He didn't like that one bit…(🎥 Anadolu Ajansı)

Posted by on Friday, March 10, 2017

Yeah, he went with option No. 2. The best part of the video is this guy chowing down on what appears to be a delicious handful of cake while Eto’o storms off:

The Cameroon forward was not having any of the prank. To be fair, though, his teammates got him good. This was no subtle cake-smearing, it was a full-on confectionary assault.

It’s your birthday, Samuel. You can cry if you want to.