Sam: Becks won’t swap LA for Lancs

Rovers’ prospective new owner Ahsan Ali Syed has vowed to back

Allardyce in the transfer market if a takeover goes through and

admitted recently that he would love to sign Beckham. Allardyce

feels such a move would be good for the profile of the club, while

he also thinks Beckham could still be successful in the Premier

League at the age of 35. However, he doubts whether the Galaxy

midfielder would be open to a switch back to England after leaving

Manchester United in 2003. “Mr Syed says that he would like to

spend it on youth, and then that he would like to sign David

Beckham,” Allardyce told Sky Sports News. “Obviously that’s not

actually youth, but that’s like more of a PR signing that would

bring a lot of attention to the club. “To me it is about whether

David is still good enough to play in the Premier League at his

age, and he probably is. “And the other factor is does he want to

come to Blackburn and does he want to come back to England? “In my

experience the answer to that is no. He has never really wanted to

play for anyone else other than Manchester United, that was the

last time I spoke to him which was a number years ago, and if he

can’t do that then he would sooner player somewhere else in the

world of football.”