Ryan Giggs named as Twitter injunction player

Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs has been named in the House of

Commons as the person identified on Twitter in the context of


Birmingham MP John Hemming used Parliamentary privilege

(protection) to name Giggs during a debate on the use of


Sir Alex Ferguson is due to face the media on Tuesday and was

expecting to take questions solely on United’s build-up to

Saturday’s Champions League final with Barcelona at Wembley.

But now it appears likely he will be quizzed about the veteran

midfielder after he was named in Parliament by Hemming.

The revelation followed a newspaper group’s failed attempt to

lift an injunction which banned the naming of a Premier League

footballer who had a “sexual relationship” with reality TV star

Imogen Thomas.

Lawyers for The Sun had gone to the High Court in London to try

to overturn the injunction after the publication of the

footballer’s name and photograph in a Scottish newspaper, the

Sunday Herald.

The Herald had printed a picture of the footballer’s face with

his eyes blacked out and the word “censored” written over the


Beneath the picture they wrote: “Everyone knows this is the

footballer accused of using the courts to keep allegations of a

sexual affair secret.”

In the House of Commons, the Attorney General Dominic Grieve

said a new committee will be set up to look at the use of gagging

orders in controversial privacy cases.