Rosell reveals Barca cash concerns

New president Sandro Rosell has revealed the extent of

Barcelona’s financial worries by admitting the players’ wages were

not paid last month.

Rosell formally succeeded Joan Laporta as president last week

and and has already sold Dmitro Chygrynskiy to former side Shakhtar

Donetsk for 15million euros to alleviate the club’s “liquidity


That move came as something of a surprise as, even though the

defender had struggled for first-team football, coach Pep Guardiola

had stated his intention to hold onto him.

But Rosell explained in an interview with Sport his

administration were forced to act, both with that sale and by

seeking further funds from banks.

“We found a club in debt, with liquidity problems,” he said. “At

this point we have to take a loan to pay the wages of the


“The squad were supposed to be paid at the end of last month and

still haven’t been.

“We’ll fix a loan of 150million euros.

“The banks know that we have a business plan that will allow

them to recover the money.

“The club is not bankrupt because it generates income.”

However, Rosell insisted the situation was not a reason to


“The members shouldn’t be afraid because it is under control,”

he said. “We must resolve this tension.

“It can be done in two ways: to have extra income, like selling

Chygrynskiy, and/or taking a loan, which is what we have done.

“The previous board had already begun this process. We followed

the same path – the same banks, the same target but with a

different business plan.

“They (Laporta’s board) also knew they needed this credit.

“We hope to sign it this week.”

Asked how a club with a turnover of 400million euros could be in

such a predicament, Rosell said: “It has spent more than it has


Despite the financial situation – and the purchase of David

Villa from Valencia – Rosell insists there is still as much as

89million euros to spend on new blood.

“There will be 50 million euros to sign more players,” he said.

“This is the case every year. This is our plan for the future.

“Technically, as of now we have 50 million plus 15 for

Chygrynskiy and 24 for (Yaya) Toure. In total, 89million.”

That may not be good news for Arsenal fans, who hope to see

their captain, Cesc Fabregas, remain in London.

With former Barca youth player Fabregas seemingly keen to return

to the Nou Camp, it has become the summer’s protracted transfer


However Rosell, who is due to travel to South Africa shortly,

where he hopes to meet with Gunners boss Arsene Wenger, wants the

issue sorted as soon as possible.

“It’s now or never,” he said. “We’ll do it fast. It won’t be


“I’ll try to see Wenger in South Africa, then we’ll tell you

what happens.

“We would not pay the 50-60million euros that I have read


“If Arsenal do not go crazy, he might play at Barca.”