Ronaldinho tried rapping again and you want to check it out

Ronaldinho is a man of many talents. He’s a world-class soccer player, obviously, but he’s also an entrepreneur and an aspiring musician. With his soccer career continuing to wind down, he’s focusing on more off-the-pitch opportunities. He’s dabbled in the art of quasi-rapping in the past with 2014’s memorable single, “Vamos Beber” or, “Let’s Drink.”

Now, he’s featured on another single with DennisDJ, titled “Professor da Malandragem.”


Ronaldinho collaborated with DennisDJ on “Vamos Beber,” so it makes sense the two would link up again to get Dinho back on the mic. Without knowing much Portuguese, I can’t fully explain what’s going on in the music video. Complete with people donning giant bobblehead-esque masks playing soccer, it should probably come with a warning for those prone to acid flashbacks.

What I can tell you is that “Professor da Malandragem” means “Professor of Malandragem” and that “malandragem” is “a Portuguese term for a lifestyle of idleness, fast living and petty crime,” according to Wikipedia.

So, there you have it. At some point, Ronaldinho will have to ditch DennisDJ and break out a single on his own, though. We’ll be waiting.