Rodwell welcomes early return

The highly-rated midfielder made his comeback for the Toffees on

Sunday in their 2-1 Premier League home defeat by Arsenal. A

substitute outing at Goodison Park was his first since damaging his

ankle against Aston Villa in August. Rodwell admits it will take

him a few more games to get back into the swing of things, but is

just pleased to be playing again following a frustrating spell on

the sidelines. “I’m four weeks ahead of schedule so I’m very happy

to be back,” he said in the Liverpool Echo. “It was my first game

back in a long time and while I was pleased to get back on the

pitch I was disappointed with the result. “It felt a bit unusual

getting back out on the pitch again and trying to find my feet, but

I settled down and was happy with the minutes I got under my belt.

Now I just need to build up a bit more confidence and get a bit

more playing time. If I can do that I’m sure my performances will

come back.” Rodwell admits he was wary of rushing back from injury

too soon, with the knock having played on his mind in training, but

feels he is not too far short of recapturing his best form. “It is

a psychological thing,” admitted the 19-year-old. “In the first

couple of weeks of training I wasn’t confident at all, my movement

was off and everything. “It plays on your mind a bit and you don’t

do well in training and feel a bit low. But the more you do in

training and the better you get, you start feeling more confident.

“Today definitely helped me in that respect and I’ve got the U21s

now to hopefully get a bit more playing time and come back in good

shape. “It’s just a case of getting on the pitch now, getting more

confidence and getting more minutes under my belt. If I can do that

I’m sure I’ll be knocking on the door.”