Roberts has Rovers future – Sam

Roberts scored the winner in Blackburn’s previous two games but did

not celebrate and his appearance in the second half against

Tottenham spurred Rovers into a late rally. “He is a player who

wanted to make a statement and is doing very well at it,” said

Allardyce after Saturday’s 4-2 Premier League defeat at White Hart

Lane. “He has played his way back into the team. “We said at the

end of the transfer deadline: ‘look you haven’t got where you

thought you were going to get. ‘You thought you were going to get

away and you haven’t. So you are still a part of the team and if

you prove you are the best player to play we will play you’. “He is

forcing his way in and is almost the number one selection for me.”

Roberts certainly made a difference as Rovers scored two late goals

but it was Blackburn’s defensive woes that had Allardyce most

annoyed. “At 1-0 we had two of our best chances of the game and

then going 2-0 down was the killer for us,” he admitted. “We took

control of the game in the first 20 minutes of the second half but

failed to score. “We then gifted Tottenham the third and it took

the pressure off them. We created enough chances to have scored

more. But unfortunately our defence failed to turn up.”