Roberts backs Rovers plans

Following the surprise dismissal of manager Sam Allardyce, Scottish

coach Steve Kean is taking temporary charge of the side, starting

with the home game against West Ham on Saturday. New owners Venky’s

have targeted a top-five finish in the top flight and Roberts said:

“If their agenda is to get into the top five, the fans and players

will be happy about that. If that means changes what can we do,

other than the best we can? “The only thing we do know is that Sam

is not going to be there any more. “We have to get our heads around

it and try to perform as best we can because the important thing is

the club.” Venky’s would ideally like a British manager to succeed

Allardyce, who led the club to 10th place last season. Roberts

added on BBC Radio Five Live: “It’s always good if you can have

someone you can understand and who understands the mentality. “But

there have been a lot of successful foreign managers in this

country as well. “All we can do is the best we can in the situation

that has been put in front of us.” Former caretaker-manager Tony

Parkes believes Kean has a big job trying to win over the Blackburn

players. Kean could find himself in control of the dressing room

during the transfer window as Venky’s say they are not looking for

a quick fix. Parkes told talkSPORT: “It is a tricky role. When I

took over you had to make sure you got the players together and

everybody started with a clean slate. “If you win them over you

have got every chance of getting good results early. You might then

just give the owners hope of getting the manager they want. “If you

lose games quickly there might be a panic job, maybe getting a new

manager in within days and all of a sudden he may not be the right

one that you want.” That comment about Allardyce’s successor from

company chairman Anuradha Desai would appear to rule out the likes

of Martin Jol, Sven-Goran Eriksson and Diego Maradona. Venky’s

dispensed of Allardyce’s services less than a month after

completing their purchase of Blackburn for £23million.