Fan comes to Robbie Keane’s rescue after LA Galaxy star runs out of gas on freeway

Robbie Keane may be an Irish hero, Designated Player for the LA Galaxy making millions of dollars, and arguably the best player in MLS history. But he’s also still an average person. Sometimes he forgets to get gas, too, and has his car stall on the freeway.

That happened on Tuesday, but lucky for him, someone came to his rescue.

If it weren't for Warren Williams I'd be still stuck on the freeway thanks pal 👍🏻#nogasinthetank ⛽️ #goodpeopleintheworld

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We don’t know if Warren Williams is a soccer fan or even knew who Keane was, but he came through for the Galaxy star and ended up in front of Keane’s 223,000 Instagram followers so he’s basically internet famous now. Hopefully he was able to score some tickets for a game, maybe even a jersey or vouchers for a few $8 beers. Seems reasonable considering he saved the team’s best player from being stranded on the 405.

Being a nice guy pays off. Especially when you’re nice to Robbie Keane, who forgot to look at his gas gauge.