Ferdinand acts against Mirror’s affair allegations

Rio Ferdinand, the former England captain, launched a High Court

privacy action Monday over a newspaper article alleging the married

soccer star had conducted an adulterous affair.

The Manchester United defender is claiming the Sunday Mirror

“wrongfully” published the article outlining a 13-year relationship

Ferdinand had conducted with Carly Storey, an interior designer.

The newspaper’s publishers claim it was in the public interest to

run the story about the 32-year-old, who has two sons and a

daughter with wife Rebecca Ellison.

The breach of privacy case should, according to the defendants,

touch upon the period when John Terry was sacked as England’s

captain because of allegations he had conducted an affair with the

former girlfriend of a teammate. Ferdinand was subsequently

appointed captain in February 2010 although Terry has since

replaced him.

When the Sunday Mirror published its article in April 2010 there

was, according to the newspaper’s lawyer Gavin Millar, QC, a

“heated debate” about the responsibilities inherent with the

England captaincy.

Millar told the High Court Monday that around the time of John

Terry’s sacking there was “discussion about the role and status of

the England captain … it was a matter of public interest at the


He later continued, “There was an ongoing debate about the

suitability of the claimant [Ferdinand] for the role of England

World Cup captain.”

He said that the England manager Fabio Capello, after sacking

Terry, had said “the England captain is an example for young


Ferdinand, who is due to give evidence Tuesday, sat in court

Monday dressed in a black suit, white shirt and black tie,

constantly consulting with his legal team, led by Hugh Tomlinson,