Riise: No bad blood with Bell

The pair were team-mates at Liverpool four years ago when a

team-bonding trip to Portugal resulted in an angry confrontation,

with Bellamy wielding a golf club at his colleague. Both men

attempted to make light of the situation in the immediate

aftermath, with Bellamy swinging an imaginary golf club after

netting in a UEFA Champions League clash with Barcelona. Since then

the duo have gone their separate ways, with Riise now at Fulham and

Bellamy back at Anfield following stints at West Ham, Manchester

City and Cardiff. They will go head-to-head for the first time on

opposing sides this weekend when Riise’s Norway take on Bellamy’s

Wales in an international friendly. Riise claims he is looking

forward to the game and is adamant that there is no bad blood

between him and his former team-mate. “I’ve always been alright

with Bellamy,” said the full-back. “What happened in Portugal a few

years ago happened. But that’s not the Bellamy I know and we shook

hands quite quickly after that and settled it. “I look forward to

seeing him again. It could be a nice little friendship again.”

While Riise will be charged with the task of trying to keep Bellamy

quiet, it is Tottenham winger Gareth Bale who is likely to pose the

biggest threat to Norway. Riise lined up against the Welshman in

Premier League competition last weekend and saw Bale inspire Spurs

to a 3-1 victory at Craven Cottage. “There is no left-sided player

better than him at the moment,” he added. “He has a great left

foot, he is strong and quick and can cross. You think you are going

to be close to him and then he just runs past you and scores a

goal. “He works really hard and he is not a big celebrity. He just

gets on with his job and you have to respect that.”