Paolo Maldini indicted in tax case

Retired AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini was indicted Monday on

charges including corruption for allegedly paying off a tax agency

official to avoid fiscal checks.

Maldini attended the hearing in Milan on Monday, and 12 other

people were also ordered to stand trial in the case, according to

the ANSA and LaPresse news agencies.

Maldini’s lawyer, Danilo Buongiorno, told ANSA that his client

wasn’t worried, because ”he has never corrupted anyone,” adding

that ”there is no proof of corruption and the court will realize


Corruption charges against Maldini’s wife, Adriana Fossa, were


The reports said Maldini has also been charged by the Milan

judge with illegal activity regarding a real estate deal in


The 42-year-old Maldini retired after the 2008-09 season, having

spent his entire 25-year career with Milan. He maintains he is


The trial is scheduled for June 21.