Report: Bayern defender Breno arrested

Bayern Munich’s Brazilian defender Breno has been arrested in an

arson investigation following a fire that gutted his house earlier

this week.

The Munich Prosecutor’s office said Breno was taken into

investigative custody on Saturday to prevent the 21-year-old player

from fleeing or tinkering with evidence, according to the German

news agency dapd.

The prosecutors said Friday they had opened an arson

investigation against Breno.

The player was suspected of ”grave arson” in the case.

Police initially said the Brazilian managed to flee from his

burning house in a leafy Munich suburb shortly after midnight

Tuesday. He was treated in a hospital for smoke inhalation as a

precaution and was not seriously injured.

The fire gutted the house and caused up to ?1.5 million ($2.05

million) worth of damage.

Breno was alone in the house at the time.