Rehhagel to add political cameo to German comeback

Coach Otto Rehhagel is set for a cameo appearance in German

politics as he makes his Bundesliga comeback after more than a

decade away.

The Berlin branch of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian

Democrats on Thursday nominated the 73-year-old Rehhagel as a

delegate at the special March 18 parliamentary assembly that will

choose Germany’s next president.

The assembly is made up lower-house lawmakers and delegates

representing Germany’s 16 state legislatures. It’s common for

states to nominate celebrities such as Rehhagel, who led Greece to

the European Championship title in 2004.

Rehhagel was hired last weekend by Hertha Berlin to save the

struggling club from relegation.

Germany’s new president will replace Christian Wulff, who quit

last week in a corruption scandal.