Redknapp rejects drink reports

QPR manager Harry Redknapp has rejected allegations that several

of his players indulged in late-night drinking sessions during a

training camp in Dubai last month.

Rangers took advantage of a break in their fixtures to travel to

the United Arab Emirates on February 12.

However a report in the Daily Mirror quoted three unnamed

players as saying the warm-weather training camp descended into

farce with one saying it was more like a “stag party”.

Redknapp, whose side are seven points adrift at the bottom of

the Premier League, confirmed he had stayed in a different hotel to

the squad but was incredulous about the allegations.

“If it happened they must have done something I didn’t see. I

don’t believe what you’re saying. I can’t see it,” Redknapp told

the newspaper.

One unnamed player told the Daily Mirror: “Dubai was a week when

we had the chance to sort out the problems. Everybody wanted to do

that. But we ended up going there for a holiday. It would have been

better if we’d stayed here in London.

“In the evening some players were out, until 3am, 4am, 5am – and

then went to training at 8am. It was like a stag party.”

Another unnamed player was quoted as saying: “Some of the bar

bills were enormous, huge, in the tens of thousands of pounds for

one night. Two or three players couldn’t train the next day. It was

that bad.

“We have to take the blame for what we did. We know that. But

some of us think that if the manager had been in the same hotel he

could have controlled what was going on.

“What sort of club allows a team with 17 points and only two

wins all season go and do this? It’s impossible to survive like

that and so this club isn’t going to survive.”