Redknapp hits out at newspaper allegations

Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp says newspaper

allegations likening the squad’s recent training camp in Dubai to a

”stag party” are way off the mark, accusing a football agent of

attempting to destabilize the club.

A report in British newspaper the Daily Mirror on Saturday

quoted three un-named players saying last month’s week-long trip

was like a ”holiday camp” with ”plenty of drinking”. One of the

players said it was ”unacceptable and unprofessional” and another

branded the club ”a mess.”

Redknapp reacted after the team’s 2-1 Premier League win at

Southampton by saying it was a ”disgusting story … completely

full of untruths.”

Redknapp believes it was leaked by an agent and refused to

accept any players had spoken out.

QPR is last in the Premier League.