Redknapp cools Twitter claims

The Tottenham striker was introduced as a substitute at St James’

Park and put Spurs 2-1 up before Shola Ameobi secured a 2-2 draw

for the Magpies with a late equaliser. Redknapp was asked after the

game if he had seen the Tweet – confirmed by a Tottenham official

to come from a fake account – which stated Defoe would start

Sunday’s clash but it is clearly a world in which he has no

interest. “I didn’t see the twit, the tweet, because I can’t work a

tweeter,” Redknapp said. “I don’t know what it is. I haven’t got a

clue what a Tweet is. “It’s beyond me all this Tweeting and

Facebooking. I don’t understand it as I live in another world to

that so I don’t know if he’s Tweeted or not. “In fact I couldn’t

care if he did or he didn’t really. “We used to talk to each other

at one time and now we talk on computers and all that. I don’t know

what the world’s coming to really.” Redknapp later joked during his

press conference that Defoe was unsuccessfully trying to contact

him on his phone. “This phone don’t even work. The ringer’s broke.

It’s Jermain Defoe – ‘Why didn’t I ‘effing play’ – what’s he

Tweeting me for?”