Redknapp: Big changes needed

Queens Park Rangers boss Harry Redknapp admits big changes are

needed on and off the pitch if they are to bounce back from

relegation next season.

QPR bowed out of the Premier League after going down to a 1-0

defeat to Liverpool in Jamie Carragher’s final game for the


Redknapp knows he has a big job on his hands to get QPR back

into the Premier League and he admits he needs to make wholesale

changes to the squad.

“There are lots of changes needed in the summer if we are going

to make a challenge next year that’s for sure,” Redknapp told Sky


“It is no good saying we are a great team – you don’t finish

bottom if you are a great team. We have been short all season,

short of that little bit of quality that is needed.

“I have got to get a squad together, a group together that are

going to do it week-in, week-out to try and get us out of the


“It will be difficult, but we will have a go next year.”

Redknapp admitted his fight to try and keep QPR in the Premier

League had been undermined by issues off the pitch with a number of


“It’s a big challenge. We will have to see what we can do over

the summer,” added Redknapp.

“I want to come back with a team that you don’t have too many

problems off the pitch with. I want people who want to come in on

time, who work hard, train hard, that is all I am asking.

“I am too old to have aggravation every day of my life with

players so I have got to change things around next year.

“There has been too much of that this year and it’s not

enjoyable so unless I change it around I will have to look and see

where we go.”

Redknapp also paid tribute to retiring Liverpool defender

Carragher as he bowed out in style with a win and a clean


“Fantastic, what a player, what a man,” added Redknapp. “I just

love him as a footballer, he is an absolute credit to the football