Rangers claim players and staff were assaulted during pitch storming

Saturday’s Scottish Cup final produced some fantastic storylines and scenes, but the events apparently turned ugly during Hibernian’s victory celebration. Fans stormed the pitch as Hibernian claimed their first Scottish Cup trophy since 1902 (!), and while it seemed to just be exuberant celebration, Rangers say some of their players and staff were attacked.

"Players and staff were assaulted by these fans who invaded the pitch," Rangers said in a team statement.  The club condemned the "disgraceful behaviour of Hibs fans" and commended Rangers fans for "the restraint they showed under severe provocation." Mounted police were brought onto the pitch to help restore order. (Note: Video contains strong language)

As a result of the kerfuffle, Rangers didn’t return to the pitch to collect their runners-up medals, which was probably the smart play.

Look, we’re all for fans going nuts and enjoying themselves — and while the majority of Hibs fans probably had no intention of rushing the pitch with malice — all it takes is a few rotten eggs to spoil it for everyone.

Now, a sect of fans that can’t behave like normal humans has tarnished a celebration 114 years in the making.