Quotes from voters in this week’s AP Global Football 10

LONDON (AP) Quotes form voters in this week’s Associated Press Global Football 10:

Tom Timmermann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

”Bayern Munich just seems to toy with opponents, winning by massive margins each time out. They run the risk of taking all the fun out of Europe.”

Mike McGrath, The Sun, England

”Sergio Aguero’s five goals were an exhibition in clinical finishing. He hardly had more touches on the ball than goals and was also not fully fit – the rest of Europe beware.”

Manos Staramopoulos, Demokratia, Greece

”The diminutive Argentina striker of Manchester City scored five goals in the 6-1 against Newcastle. A great dribbler and a little magician of a performer.”

Marco Monteverde, News Corp. Australia

”It takes a lot to top Robert Lewandowski in his current form, but Sergio Aguero did it this week by scoring six times in two games, including his superb five-goal haul against Newcastle.”

Tito Puccetti, ESPN, Argentina

”Today the only team that seems to have no doubt is Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich. It makes goals and destroys its opponents with Robert Lewandowski scoring.”

Federico Giammaria, La Voz, Argentina

”Sergio Aguero and Robert Lewandowski competed to see who can score more goals in less time. And it was exciting. But this time, Kun (Aguero) was a crushing machine.”

Francois Colin, De Standaard, Belgium

”Bayern Munich has been devastating in every competition, even against the strongest opponents.”