Quotes from voters in AP Global Football 10

Quotes from voters in this week’s Associated Press global 10

football poll:

Marco Monteverde, News Corp. Australia

”A 7-0 Bundesliga away win, plus a cup tie victory a few days

earlier, made it a memorable week for the European champions.”

Mike McGrath, The Sun, England

”England will be praying Luis Suarez doesn’t take this form

into the World Cup with Uruguay. His four goals against Norwich

were outrageous – it says something when a 25-yard free kick into

the top corner was the worst goal of the four.”

Manos Staramopoulos, Eleftheros Typos, Greece

”The French international Franck Ribery was amazing and led

Bayern Munich to a 7-0 victory over Werder Bremen. The great German

team is not caught in the Bundesliga.”

Sam Tighe, Bleacher Report, United States

”Arsenal came under a severe amount of pressure during their

home tussle with Everton on Sunday, and Laurent Koscielny stepped

up once again to put in a commanding, dominant performance.”

Richard Jolly, ESPN, United States

”Luis Suarez has been unstoppable of late and scored five goals

as Liverpool ran riot at Anfield twice in four days. Yohan Cabaye

wrote his name into Newcastle history with a first winner at Old

Trafford since 1972.”

Paolo Condo, Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy

”Ronaldinho scored twice in his first match after two months of

absence, and now Atletico Mineiro can hope to compete in Morocco

for the club’s World Cup against big gun Bayern, who is without any

doubts team of the week in Europe.”

Tom Timmermann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

”With Messi and Ronaldo both hurt at the moment, Suarez could

be the best player active at the moment. Then again, Bale’s hat

trick vs. Real Valladolid looked pretty good too.”

Aurelio Capaldi, RAI Sports, Italy

”Seven victories in a row for Bayern Munich, just like Juventus

in Italy. Arturo Vidal is proving a real `King’ of Juve’s midfield:

he scores lots of goals, looks comfortable everywhere and is a key

man for Antonio Conte.”

Tito Pucetti, ESPN, Argentina

”Super Mario (Balotelli) saved AC Milan from another fall with

a great strike. Mario, on the pitch, does almost everything


Richard Winton, The Herald, Scotland

”Is there no limit to the capabilities of this Bayern Munich’s

side? Already European champions, their development has been

accelerated under Pep Guardiola’s stewardship to the point that it

is almost feasible to suggest that retaining the Champions League

is a given.”

James Thorogood, Bundesliga.com, Germany

”With many questioning whether he’s still the favorite to

collect the FIFA Ballon d’Or, Franck Ribery sent out a subtle

reminder of how his individual brilliance often times drives the

well-oiled, winning machine that is FC Bayern Munich.”

Federico Giammaria, La Voz, Argentina

”I included Ronaldinho not only for his weekend and two goals

but because his presence makes better football. Recovered from the

injury that cast doubt on his participation in the Club World Cup

`Dinho’ makes us happy.”