Quotes from voters in AP Global Football 10

LONDON (AP) Sam Tighe, Bleacher Report, United States

”Liverpool’s 6-3 win over Cardiff City epitomized their entire season: Unstoppable in attack, dire in defense. Martin Skrtel’s actions in both boxes were key to victory and Suarez was in sparkling form up front.”

Ubiratan Leal, trivela.com, Brazil

”It is impossible to ignore Iniesta’s performance (against Madrid). The midfielder was more than a goal and a penalty in the 4-3 win. He achieved six successful dribbles, creating space in the middle of Real Madrid’s defense.”

Marco Monteverde, News Corp Australia

”What a win, away from home, in the biggest match of the Spanish season! Barcelona are not going to lie down in the title race.”

Tom Timmermann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

”In a lot of weeks, Rooney would have been higher on my ballot based on his one goal from distance alone. But this was a week with a lot of great players doing great things.”

Mark Rodden, Eurosport, France

”Truly great players rise to the occasion and cope with expectation. Messi did that against Real Madrid by becoming the all-time top scorer in the history of the Clasico and the first Barcelona player to score a hat trick at the Bernabeu.”

Chris Tait, The Herald, Scotland

”The latest Clasico featured prominently among the back pages but would have been more at home on a movie poster. `Breathtaking performances . . . stirring plot . . . five stars’.”

Aurelio Capaldi, RAI Sport, Italy

”The winning mentality of Jose Mourinho led Chelsea to an unforgettable success against Arsenal: it was an aggressive and powerful performance capable of making Arsenal think they were just sparring partners at the Stamford Bridge.”

Tito Puccetti, ESPN, Argentina

”Mourinho’s team gave an example of practical and effective football and Arsenal fell 6-0.”

Leonardo Bertozzi, ESPN, Brazil

”Three hat tricks in a season. 28 goals and 11 assists. Suarez gets increasing arguments to be the best (player) of the season in England.”

Manos Staramopoulos, Eleftheros Typos, Greece

”Messi reached 21 goals in the Clasic?, overtaking Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano. The Argentine ace scored three goals and led Barcelona to a great 4-3 success over Real Madrid.”

Richard Jolly, ESPN, England

”Luis Suarez was another South American to score a match-winning hat trick. The Liverpool striker’s form this season – 28 goals in 25 games – is Messi-esque.”

Julian Bennetts, Hayters news agency, England

”Another El Clasico hat trick for Lionel Messi makes him this week’s standout player. Real Madrid must be sick of the sight of him. ”

Soren-Mikael Hansen, Politiken, Denmark

”The weekend was a brilliant exhibition of how wonderful the game can be played. El Clasico – with both teams performing at the peak of international club football – topped off magnificent displays in Premier League.”