Quotes from voters in AP Global Football 10

LONDON (AP) Marco Monteverde, News Corp Australia

”Barcelona showed it would be silly to write them off in either the Champions League or La Liga with impressive wins in both competitions during the past week.”

Orfeo Suarez, El Mundo, Spain

”Messi is already the most important forward in Barcelona’s history, with 371 goals at the age of 26, and has a long future. Barcelona won 7-0 over Osasuna with a hat trick from the Argentinian player.”

Tom Timmermann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

”Barcelona was so dominant against Osasuna I probably could have put half the roster on my ballot.”

Richard Jolly, ESPN, England

”Liverpool did not just defeat Manchester United. They achieved the sort of comprehensive, overwhelming win that will be remembered for decades.”

Chris Tait, The Herald, Scotland

”With a club record of 371 goals to his (Lionel Messi) name following a hat trick at the weekend, the little Argentine is now head and shoulders above anyone else in Barcelona’s history.”

Aurelio Capaldi, RAI Sport, Italy

”Messi becoming Barcelona’s all-time best scorer and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who can’t stop scoring, get most of the attention, but Andres Iniesta keeps acting like a maestro and his performances are always ready to seduce the crowd.”

Mike McGrath, The Sun, England

”Lionel Messi may have caught the eye with his individual performance in Barca’s 7-0 victory but the team display of the week had to be Liverpool for convincingly winning at Old Trafford.”

Sam Tighe, Bleacher Report, United States

”Fabian Delph stole the show on Saturday afternoon, putting Nemanja Matic and the entire Chelsea defense to the sword. His back-heeled goal in the 82nd minute sealed the tie in Aston Villa’s favor.”

Ubiratan Leal, trivela.com, Brazil

”Winning 3-0 against its fiercest rival is always a remarkable achievement, even if this rival is playing poorly. Liverpool is the best team in Premier League at the moment, and beating Manchester United helps to keep this momentum for the final months of the season.”

Manos Staramopoulos, Eleftheros Typos, Greece

”Lionel Messi scored three goals in the 7-0 to Barcelona (against Osasuna) and became its top scorer of all time. He broke the record set by Paulino Alcantara who had 369 goals.”