Quinn explains Gyan departure

The Ghana international sealed a lucrative season-long deal with

the United Arab Emirates club on Saturday, less than 48 hours after

informing Sunderland boss Steve Bruce of his desire to fight for

his place at the Stadium of Light. Bruce revealed his frustration

after the weekend loss to Chelsea, implying Gyan had moved solely

for financial gain. But Quinn has confirmed the club had their

reasons for letting their record signing depart. In a statement on

the club’s official website, he said: “From the moment Asamoah

returned for pre-season training we could tell that there were

people trying to move him on. We hoped it would pass by, rebuking

approaches from the Premier League, France and Turkey and felt the

player would settle back down and continue to help our cause.

“Throughout this time we were also receiving real interest from

Al-Ain, but it looked as if that too had lost momentum by last

Wednesday. “Steve spoke to Asamoah on Thursday morning, asking him

to knuckle down and we were all set to move on. Later that day

however Al-Ain began a prolonged effort to get the deal back on

track and this turned the player’s attentions once more to a

possible move. “Come Friday, the chairman of Al-Ain and his

advisors had flown into Newcastle and arrived at our training

ground to discuss a potential deal for Asa. “They were very

professional but determined to sign the player and at this point we

took a number of things into consideration: the player’s obviously

negative demeanour in and around the training ground; the fact that

the transfer window in the UAE had over 50 days remaining, meaning

this was unlikely to go away; the clear desire of the player to

leave; the forthcoming African Nations Cup, which would have meant

losing Asamoah for up to six weeks in the new year; the obvious

economic benefits to our club in the terms of the final deal laid

out to us. “In the early hours of Saturday morning chief executive

Margaret Byrne and myself agreed a loan deal to allow Asamoah his

wish to move but that would also, and more importantly, protect the

club should things not work out for the player.” Reports this

morning suggested Sunderland could receive as much as

£6million for the temporary deal, while it was claimed Gyan

will quadruple his wages in the Persian Gulf emirate. Quinn added:

“Steve Bruce, our owner and the board all found the football

decision that Asamoah wished to make baffling but I, as chairman,

with everyone’s full support, decided that this deal was in the

best interests of our football club. “There was a lot of things

that needed to happen before the deal was fully secured, such as a

medical, which has in fact only just been completed today.” Quinn

also revealed relations between Bruce and Gyan were again cordial,

with the player making a contribution to the club’s foundation. The

former Republic of Ireland international said: “Steve’s

frustrations towards the player, expressed minutes after the

Chelsea game, were understandable at such a time but I can reveal

that since then Asamoah and Steve have made contact and they are on

good terms. “The olive branch is now there for Asamoah, but he will

need to convince Steve, the board and every Sunderland fan of his

commitment to this club if he is to return. I am delighted however

that he has agreed to make a sizeable donation to SAFC Foundation

for each month that he is away on loan. “It also goes without

saying that this puts Steve and his recruitment options in a far

stronger position for the January window.” Gyan was unveiled by

Al-Ain this morning, stating he was joining an “important club” but

refusing to drawn on his long-term future. The 25-year-old said:

“I’m really happy to be here. Al-Ain is an important club and this

is a big challenge for me. There will be a lot of expectations on

me, but not pressure. “Everybody who has seen me in the World Cup

and at Sunderland knows what I am capable of, but this is a new

challenge for me as I’m a new player here. “We have quality players

in the club to win games and do well in the championships. We will

try to build a winning team.” When pushed on whether he intended to

remain with Al-Ain when his season-long loan deal expires, he

added: “I don’t promise. I’m somebody who doesn’t promise.”