Quinn continues broadcast debate

Quinn has repeatedly voiced his disappointment at the number of

supporters who head for local pubs rather than the Stadium of Light

for home games, but launched his strongest attack yet last week.

His comments have sparked a significant reaction, and he has

welcomed the response, both favourable and otherwise. Writing in

his programme notes ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash with

Tottenham, Quinn insisted his concern was not for lost revenue, but

the damage inflicted on the atmosphere at the stadium. He said: “As

chairman of the club and as protector of the club, I have to

consider what can I do to get us to our maximum capability? “We

need to keep progressing and do all we can to become a powerhouse

in British football. We can’t let this progress slip. “If there are

10,000 people now watching our home games in pubs within easy

travelling distance of the stadium, what will it be in three years’

time if I don’t tackle this situation? “Will that go to 20,000 and

will our club disintegrate? These are the questions I ask

myself…and I am delighted to have got this debate going. “Using

the word ‘despise’ wasn’t easy, but it seems to have worked and I

am more than happy to speak to anyone who has a counter-argument –

but can we all be reminded that right now, illegal broadcasting is

what it is. “If things change and it becomes legal, I will have a

look at the situation and see how people feel. “If a core number of

people want to start doing it that way instead of coming to support

the club, then maybe I will have to question my role here. “That’s

how seriously I take this and once again, I want to say I am

delighted to have the debate. “I am happy now to state that I do

not despise anybody, and especially not a doubting Sunderland fan,

bit I am glad people are now talking about this.”