Pulis: Potters wanted Scholes

The 36-year-old chose to retire with immediate effect on Tuesday

and take up a coaching role at Old Trafford. United may have

offered him another one-year extension to continue his playing

career anyway but, if not, Pulis would have jumped at the

opportunity to sign the former England midfielder. “If he’d been

available, there’s no question I’d have been interested in taking

him,” he told The Sentinel. “I think there would have been quite a

few of us in the Premier League wanting to take someone of his

experience and quality. “So from that point of view it’s a shame

he’s decided to retire now because I’m sure there was plenty of

fuel left in the tank. “But no-one knows that decision better than

the player himself and so you have to respect it.” Scholes made 677

appearances for United, winning 17 major trophies while earning 66

caps for England before retiring from international duty in 2004.

“He’s been one of the great Premier League players for me,” Pulis

added. “To play nearly 700 times at the top like he has speaks

volumes for his ability and the way he’s conducted himself. “The

only disappointment was his decision to retire from international

football when he did.”