Pulis: Clamp down on ‘cheats’

Stoke manager Tony Pulis has urged the FA to clamp down on

simulation in the wake of Luis Suarez’s admission of diving.

The Liverpool striker faces sanctions from Reds boss Brendan

Rodgers after admitting to deliberately “falling” to try and win a

penalty during the goalless draw at Anfield in October.

A furious Pulis hit out at Suarez following the game, branding

the Uruguay international “an embarrassment” and calling on the FA

to impose a three match ban.

After Suarez’s admission of guilt, Pulis said: “The FA should

look at it on a Monday after the games have been played at the

weekend, and people who have been caught simulating should be


“I think if you do that – if you give them three, four or five

games or whatever – then it will take it out of the game.

“With simulation, I think if a player is found blatantly diving

to gain an advantage, whether it is a penalty or conning a referee

into giving a decision, they should be dealt with very


“What you would find is that it would soon stop, and that is

what we all want, because it is, on a lot of occasions,