Fuentes says he never treated Real Madrid players

Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor at the center of the Operation

Puerto blood-doping trial, says he never treated Real Madrid’s

players, following the club’s announcement that it plans to sue him

for giving the impression that he had.

Fuentes told Europa Press news agency on Saturday that ”if

Madrid wants to sue me, they can go ahead, but I have never treated

a Real Madrid player.”

”If Madrid understood (what I said) as such, then I think they

got confused,” Fuentes said. ”Madrid has nothing to do with

Operation Puerto. I am not nor have I ever been a doctor for Real

Madrid, neither directly nor indirectly. I have never given a

Madrid player as much as an aspirin.”

Fuentes said on Friday that Madrid owed him money without

specifying the reason.

The club responded with a statement that the money owed Fuentes

was for travel expenses when he testified in a court case against

Le Monde newspaper and that he had never worked for Madrid.

The club said it would sue Fuentes for his ”intention of

confusing the public opinion about his relation with the club with

evident bad intent and with the goal of damaging the image of the


Fuentes is one of five defendants currently under trial in the

Spanish capital on charges of having endangered the health of

cyclists with improperly administered blood transfusions designed

to boost their performance.

The trial’s scope is limited to public health laws since doping

was not illegal in 2006 when police began their investigation into

the alleged blood-doping ring. Spain has since passed anti-doping

legislation and its Parliament will vote on an even tougher law

this summer.

”I didn’t say what I said with the intention of offending

anyone,” Fuentes said on Saturday. ”But rather in the interest of

recovering the money that I am owed.”