PSG warns Croatian authorities of hooligan threat

Paris Saint-Germain has warned Croatian authorities that about

100 hooligans are rumored to be travelling to Wednesday’s Champions

League match against Dinamo Zagreb.

PSG has already said it will not provide club travel for

supporters because of security concerns. But the club issued

another statement on Sunday, saying ”a persistent rumor exists

that 100 individuals known to be dangerous will travel

independently to Zagreb for this match, which is classified as high

risk by UEFA.”

PSG said it ”has alerted the Croatian authorities to this

threat,” adding ”these people, overstepping the orders of the

club, are in no way representative of Paris Saint-Germain.”

Hooliganism was rife among a section of hardcore PSG supporters

from 1985 to 2010. Dinamo Zagreb has a notorious hooligan element

known as ”BBB” (Bad Blue Boys).