FIFA candidate Infantino vows to restore confidence

Gianni Infantino is one of the presidential candidates to take over as the head of world football.

Anadolu Agency

Presidential candidate Gianni Infantino says he is the right man to restore confidence in FIFA.

Infantino, the UEFA secretary general, and Sheikh Salman have emerged as favorites to succeed Sepp Blatter as the head of world football in a vote forced by the corruption scandal at FIFA.

The Swiss will visit Robben Island, the apartheid-era prison off Cape Town, with one of his rival candidates Tokyo Sexwale on Monday.

Sexwale’s campaign team said the South African businessman invited all four other candidates to South Africa but Sheikh Salman of Bahrain, Prince Ali of Jordan and Jerome Champagne declined, citing "tight schedules" before the FIFA election on Friday in Zurich.


Infantino says he would not seek to make deals with other candidates ahead of the election and insists he will restore FIFA’s battered reputation.

"This coming week is the most significant in FIFA’s 112-year history and the 209 Member Associations have the ability to define not just their own destiny, but also that of FIFA and global football," he said.

"The selection of FIFA’s next President and a vote to agree wide-ranging governance reforms can set FIFA on a new path of trust, respect and commercial growth.  

"To set foot on this path of renewal FIFA’s Member Associations have the opportunity to embrace the future with a real belief in their next President and a confidence in his ability to steer the organization and its Members into much better times.  

"I believe I am that person – a candidate of genuine reform, rooted in integrity with a real vision for the future – and with proven experience to bring growth and development to the benefit the whole football family."