Premier League Predictions: Gameweek 5 Including West Brom v West Ham

The Premier League never fails to surprise, what can we expect from Gameweek 4? We offer our predictions up for your judgement. Think you can beat us? Join our bbc league here.

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SWANSEA, WALES – SEPTEMBER 11: Cesar Azpilicueta of Chelsea (C) and manager of Chelsea, Antonio Conte (R) snatch the ball from Modou Barrow of Swansea City during the Premier League match between Swansea City and Chelsea at The Liberty Stadium on September 11, 2016 in Swansea, Wales. (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images)

Chelsea v Liverpool

Chelsea dropped their first point of the Premier League season last week, but the performance wasn’t bad. If not for a foul in the build up to Swansea’s second goal, Chelsea could still be on maximum points. They’ve got a rejuvenated Hazard and arguably the best signing of the summer in Kante. He’s helped solidify the team and makes it hard for them to be beaten. Another win could be on the cards here.

Liverpool have been up and down all season. When you run on passion it isn’t going to be a constantly smooth ride and last week was the best of it, but we’ve seen the worst as well in their 2-0 defeat to Burnley. If they find some consistency then they will be a top side. However it will take a few matches and away at Chelsea is a tough match at whatever point of the season.

Scott 2-1   Jono 3-2

Hull City v Arsenal

Hull are still out performing their pre-season expectations, but the initial good form is slipping. After scraping a draw with Burnley, their only loss remains to Manchester United. Now they face Arsenal at home can they once again keep talented players at bay? I can’t see Hull scoring in this game, so they have to try and keep Arsenal out which is a tough tough ask.

Arsenal scraped a draw midweek but were lucky not to be out of the running. Their defensive frailties could still be undoing especially at set pieces. However going forward there are not many better teams, and when Sanchez and Ozil are on form there will always be a lot of chances for the team to take and if they score one or two then the game is likely to be won for them.

Scott 0-2   Jono 0-2

Leicester v Burnley

Leicester will be on a high from their Champions League win, but Burnley will not give them space behind the back line like Brugge did. Leicester will struggle this season because teams won’t push at them like last season. Can they find new ways to score? They will require Vardy to find the net again, and Mahrez to be on top form. Can they get past a stubborn defence?

Burnley have been exactly what I thought they would be so far. Stubborn in defence but struggling to score, and it could get even worse if Gray gets a suspension. I can see them being up for spoiling the Champion’s ‘easy’ victories and they won’t push up. I definitely can’t see this being a classic match by any stretch.

Scott 1-1  Jono 1-0

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 14: Manchester City players celebrate with goalscorer Sergio Aguero during the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City FC and VfL Borussia Moenchengladbach at Etihad Stadium on September 14, 2016 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Manchester City v Bournemouth

City have one of the most impressive forward lines in the Premier League, with or without Aguero. The little Argentine may be their top goal scorer and have scored another hattrick in mid week, but with Silva, De Bruyne and a re-born Sterling there are plenty of goals to go around. I expect them to have too much for most teams, this week will be no different.

Bournemouth look like they’re nearly a good side, but they don’t have that final bit. They look solid for most of the game, then they concede. They go through some decent build up play, then they fail the final ball or on the shot. I don’t think away at City is the place to re-find your form, but the team have surprised big teams before. Eddie Howe likes an upset.

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Scott 3-0  Jono 2-0

West Brom v West Ham

West Brom tend to float around the Premier League without too much consequence, and this season is no different. Fans are getting frustrated with Pulis, but they might be better off waiting. Pulis is a grinding manager and he all but guarantees success by staying in the league. Can he get a win against a stuttering West Ham? They’ve certainly got a chance.

West Ham have a great forward line but their defensive frailties are glaring. If they can settle their back line and keep some clean sheets Bilic has a great squad at his disposal, one more than capable of troubling the automatic European spots. Can they beat a tricky West Brom side away from home? It’ll be tough, but they need something to lighten the mood.

Scott 1-1  Jono 1-1

Everton v Middlesbrough

Everton, and more specifically Lukaku, burst into life this week and now they look dangerous. I’m not sure of the consistency in midfield but if Lukaku remains fit he’s a danger to every team. Bolasie, Barkley, Mirallas and Delofeu in behind also add to the danger but it’s at the back I worry about Everton, the back four haven’t gelled yet but when they do they will have a strong squad and be a tough ask for everyone.

Boro are being very steady. They haven’t set the world alight but they haven’t collapsed either, so it’ll be interesting to see how they progress. Negredo has been their main attacking talent but if he doesn’t get the service he isn’t a player who works back. I don’t think they’ll get much joy in the match at Everton this week, this is a tough match.

Scott 2-0  Jono 2-0

MIDDLESBROUGH, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 10: Christian Benteke of Crystal Palace celebrates scoring his sides first goal with his Crystal Palace team mates during the Premier League match between Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace at Riverside Stadium on September 10, 2016 in Middlesbrough, England. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Palace v Stoke

Palace finally played to something like their potential last week, picking up their first win. Benteke got his first goal for the side and if he can fire then they will see their position move up the table, especially if he can bring the other talented players in the sqaud to the fore. Zaha finally looked bothered, and the others finally turned up as well. Can they beat other Premier League underachievers Stoke? I think they will…

Stoke are just not performing to their abilities. At all. They should be pushing up the table, instead they are propping it up. Usually Stoke are a team that no-one want to play but so far this season there aren’t many teams that wouldn’t choose them to play. Can they turn things around without their banned manager? Will they get anything out of this match?

Scott 2-1  Jono 2-0

Southampton v Swansea

Southampton, are a side that have looked better than their results suggest. With both Austin and Long to choose from up front they should be scoring pretty freely, but so far that hasn’t been the case with a series of ‘nearly’ matches. They were unlucky not to get something against Arsenal, because that wasn’t a penalty. Will their luck be better against a plucky Swansea?

Despite winning their first game, Swansea have looked a bit fragile. Struggling to cope with the loss of some good goalscorers and their long term captain, things could be better. They got a well earned point against Chelsea, even if their second was a bit dubious. They will be hoping to use that as a springboard to three points, but their strikers need to start firing. Otherwise we could be seeing a relegation scrap for the Welsh side.

Scott 2-1  Jono 1-1

Spurs v Sunderland

Spurs are doing a classic Spurs thing at the moment, and no-ones quite sure if they’re in form or not. Fresh from beating Stoke 4-0 they then managed to take all of that good performance and lose 2-1 to Monaco at Wembley, begging the question are those players actually performing well or were Stoke just poor? They’ve got a good squad and once they get going they could challenge for the title again. The only thing that may stop them this time is Champions League football.

Sunderland just don’t look like a Premier League side so far. Their over reliance on Defoe to score the goals is obvious, and their defence is leaky. They only promising thing is that they made a lot of changes over the summer and as they bed in they will improve but for the right here and now it’s a little bit concerning for the Black Cats. I can’t seem them keeping Spurs out, or penetrating their defence. Long away day for their fans I fear.

Scott 2-0   Jono 2-1

ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – SEPTEMBER 15: Paul Pogba of Manchester United takes a free kick during the UEFA Europa League Group A match between Feyenoord and Manchester United FC at Feijenoord Stadion on September 15, 2016 in Rotterdam, . (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Watford v Manchester United

Fresh from their 4-2 win over West Ham, Watford will be confident of getting something from this match. They have proved they can score and if Ighalo and Deeney can start linking again they’re a tough team to stop. The only issue is their defending. Just because we were poor last week doesn’t mean their defending was much better. If they want to keep Zlatan at bay then they will need to step it up a notch. He doesn’t care about disrespecting defenders.

United will hope there’s no hangover from their bang average Europa League performance, as they look to bounce back from two losses on the trot. Losing to Pep again will have been hard for Mourinho, but if he wins the league he won’t care. He needs to get the big names at United working together and if he can do that this match should be simple, although if they turn up thinking that then it could be an upset in waiting.

Scott  0-3  Jono 0-2

Last Weeks Premier League Predictions + Results

United v City

Jono: 1-0      Scott: 1-0   Actual 1-2

Arsenal v Southampton

Jono: 0-3      Scott: 0-2  Actual 1-2

Bournemouth v West Brom

Jono: 1-0      Scott: 2-1   Actual 1-0

Burnley v Hull

Jono: 1-1      Scott: 1-0  Actual 1-1

Sunderland v Everton

Jono: 1-1      Scott: 0-1  Actual 0-3

Boro v Palace

Jono: 2-0     Scott: 1-0   Actual 1-2

Stoke v Spurs

Jono: 1-1      Scott: 0-2   Actual 0-4

West Ham v Watford

Jono: 2-0      Scott: 3-1   Actual 2-4

Liverpool v Leicester

Jono: 1-1      Scott: 2-1   Actual 4-1

Swansea City v  Chelsea

Jono: 0-2      Scott: 0-2   Actual 2-2

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