Poles will hope ‘psychic’ elephant is wrong again

Poland soccer fans will hope that Citta the elephant keeps her

track record of getting all her predictions wrong for European

Championship matches.

The wrinkled 33-year-old pachyderm on Friday chose a melon

marked with a draw between Poland and Czech Republic for the final

Group A match on Saturday. If her prediction comes true, Poland

would be eliminated from the tournament because the co-host nation

needs to win to advance to the quarterfinals.

Citta got her first two predictions wrong. She guessed Poland

would win its first two matches, both of which ended in 1-1


The elephant, who lives at the Krakow Zoo, was given a choice

Friday of three melons – each one placed above an image of either

the Polish or Czech flag or an ‘X’ representing a draw.

She first pointed her trunk toward Poland, moved it toward Czech

Republic, letting it linger a bit before she reconsidered and

seized on the melon representing a tie.

”Well the Polish flag and the Czech flag are very similar – I

don’t know, maybe she didn’t want to make the mistake and decided

the draw will be the safe score,” zookeeper Jerzy Pirog said.

Citta is one of several pretenders to a throne vacated by Paul

the Octopus, who won fame by correctly predicting eight matches at

the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Other wannabes include a pig

and ferret in Ukraine and a cow in Germany. None, however, have

Paul’s clairvoyance.

Zoo director Jozef Skotnicki has confessed that zoo officials

looked for a ”psychic” animal in part to gain a little attention

for the city during the tournament, which is being played in four

other Polish cities as well as four Ukrainian cities.