Police probe Spurs assault claim

Assou-Ekotto confronted the supporter next to the tunnel at White

Hart Lane moments after the final whistle and had to be pulled away

by Spurs assistant boss Joe Jordan, who then led the 25-year-old

Cameroon international down the tunnel. A police spokesperson said:

“The police are investigating an allegation of assault following

yesterday’s Spurs v Wolves Premier League match at White Hart Lane.

“There have been no arrests.” It is understood the allegation came

from the supporter, who gave his version of events to security

officials after the incident, as did Jordan. Spurs are also

investigating the matter and may look at CCTV footage, as the clash

was not caught on camera by broadcasters covering the match. Harry

Redknapp’s men were jeered off after the defeat to Wolves that

dented their hopes of maintaining a challenge for the Champions

League this season. They had already lost to Stoke at home this

season, and Redknapp said: “We have to pick ourselves up on

Wednesday against Manchester City. “You have days it goes your way,

some days it doesn’t.”