Police: No reports of racist taunts against Neymar

London police received no official reports of racist taunts at

Sunday’s exhibition between Brazil and Scotland despite complaints

by Neymar that he had been targeted by fans.

Neymar scored both goals in Brazil’s 2-0 win and said jeers he

received from Scottish fans had been racially motivated.

A Scotland fan group has said any jeers were in response to what

fans saw as the Santos striker faking injury, and the Scottish

Football Association joined in refuting suggestions of racism.

The officer in charge of police at the Emirates Stadium, where

the match was played, backed the Scotland fans.

”The Scottish fans’ behavior was first class,” match commander

Mark Sheeran said Monday. ”There were no issues at all inside the


A banana was also thrown from the crowd, landing next to a

huddle of Brazil players as they celebrated Neymar’s 77th-minute

penalty with the 19-year-old striker.

But the banana – a fruit sometimes hurled by racist fans at

black players – was apparently thrown from the North Stand of the

Emirates Stadium occupied by Brazil fans.

The 11,500 members of the Scotland Supporters Club at the match

were located in the South Stand.

”The Scottish FA has contacted the Brazilian football

federation and the match organizers, Kentaro, to inform them of our

information and of our supporters’ unhappiness at the unfounded

accusations,” the SFA said in a statement.

Supporters did jeer Neymar for much of the match. They thought

he had faked injury following an apparently innocuous first-half

clash with Scotland midfielder Scott Brown.

Neymar’s on-field treatment held up play and he was then slow in

making his way to the sideline as the referee tried to restart


”The reason Neymar was booed was because we believed he was

feigning injury during the course of the game,” said Hamish

Husband, spokesman for Scotland fan group Association of Tartan

Army Clubs. ”Racism has no place within the Tartan Army and if it

did exist it would be stamped out immediately as we are self