Pogba denies United disrespect

Pogba left United for Juve earlier this summer, with the Red

Devils boss unhappy about the manner of the young Frenchman’s


Ferguson accused Pogba of not showing the club “any respect at

all” after keeping them in the dark about his negotiations with


But the 19-year-old has defended his actions by explaining that

his chance at Old Trafford never arrived.

“I don’t know why he said that,” Pogba told L’Equipe. “A

19-year-old player who said no to Ferguson – maybe he took it


“There are things about which we failed to agree.

“I don’t regret anything. I learnt a lot there. But you have to

be part of it to understand my decision. It is a feeling I had with

the coach.

“The coach trusted me, but he didn’t play me, saying I was too

young. He said ‘Your time will come’ but it didn’t come.

“Despite his 25-year career, despite the fact he was the boss,

my objective was to play. I am impatient.

“Now I want to become a regular starter and become one of the

best players in the world.

“To achieve that, there is only hard work – I learnt that

alongside the great players at Manchester United.”

First-team opportunities may be more forthcoming in Turin but

Pogba insists he has received no promises from the Bianconeri.

And with Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal ahead of him in the

pecking order, the France Under-21 international is not expecting

any favours – because he has heard promises before.

He added: “I didn’t go to Juve because I knew I would be part of

the starting line-up. I have no guarantee.

“The coach told me there are a lot of matches to play and he

wanted a substitute for Pirlo and Vidal. He didn’t tell me you will

play X number of matches.

“When I was at Manchester United, I have been told I would